Dielectric Gels

Dielectric Gels

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe supplies a wide range of Dow Corning dielectric gels including one and two part gels.

Dielectric gels are a specialist type of encapsulant that upon curing, remain as a soft and flexible material.

Post-cure, di electric gels are left with a naturally tacky surface that will adhere to most common substrates without the assistance of a primer. With this natural tacky surface, die electric gels also have the unique ability to re-heal if they become torn or cut.

By retaining the self-healing and stress relief properties of a liquid, dielectric gels are a truly resilient material, providing cushioning whilst offering the dimensional stability of an elastomer. Dielectric gels are commonly used on electronic circuits, whether it is to isolate the circuit from the harmful effects of contaminants, or to provide electrical insulation for high voltages. They can also be used to provide stress relief and protection of the circuit from thermal and mechanical stresses.

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