Loctite AA Multibond Kit

SKU: 0103-01-000406

Loctite AA Multibond Kit is composed of Loctite AA 330 Adhesive 50ml and Loctite 7388 Aerosol Activator 40ml.

Loctite 330 is a no-mix, general purpose structural bonder that is suitable for use when bonding metal, ceramics and plastic materials. Typical applications include tool handles, appliances, sporting goods and decorative trim.

Loctite SF 7388 is designed to initiate the cure of Loctite toughened acrylic adhesives. The combination of Loctite SF 7388 and Loctite 330 ensures fast curing, high strength bonds.

Features & Benefits:

  • Kit includes 50ml tube of Loctite 330 and 40ml aerosol of Loctite SF 7388
  • Suitable for bonding metal, wood, ferrite, ceramic and plastic
  • Loctite 330 must be cured with activator

Size: 40/50ml

Additional information

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Loctite AA 330 Technical Data Sheet - English


Loctite SF 7388 Technical Data Sheet - English


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