Loctite ECCOBOND UF1173

SKU: 0006-01-000670

Loctite ECCOBOND UF1173 is a one component, black liquid, epoxy underfill created for high reliability electronic applications. It provides interconnect protection from shock, drop and vibration.

ECCOBOND UF1173 is designed to provide a uniform and void-free encapsulating underfill which maximises a device's temperature cycling capability and dissipates stress away from solder joints and connections.

Features & Benefits:

  • One component
  • Void-free underfill
  • Can be needle or jet dispensed
  • Long pot life
  • Low CTE
  • Heat cure
  • Available in 10cc or 55cc

Size: 10cc

Additional information

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Loctite ECCOBOND UF 1173 Technical Data Sheet - English