Microcare DC1VericleanMCC-DC1107-HFO Version

SKU: 0003-01-000012

MicroCare MCC-DC1107 VeriClean is a moderately aggressive defluxer that removes flux resides quickly and safety. MCC-DC1107 is a new formulation of MicroCare's most popular circuit cleaner. Based on siloxanes, it is highly effective on no-clean and rosin-based fluxes and pastes, ionic contamination, light grease and oils, plus some inks and adhesives. It is ideal for cleaning thru-hole, SMT and even BGA circuits; it can also be used on mechanical devices, housings, glass and precision assemblies. It also removes silicone conformal coatings and swells silicone tubing. Other than silicones, it is safe on all components, substrates, materials, connectors or chips which makes it a favourite choice in repair depots, where the widest variety of substrates and plastics are found. 284gm Aerosol.  

Size: 284gm Aerosol

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