medmix DP2X Mixpac Pneumatic Applicator Gun – 1:1/2:1

SKU: 0007-01-000594

medmix, formerly Sulzer, Mixpac DP2X 400-01-50-01 is a multi-ratio, pneumatic, 2 component dispense tool which provides accurate and repeatable dispense amounts whilst ensuring maximum comfort for users. The multi-ratio nature of this innovative dispenser allows formulators, distributors and end users to use one single system for multiple-ratio products instead of using three or even four different dispensers. The lightweight nature of the DP2X and the balanced weight distribution contribute to the creation of a dispenser that is functional and effortless to use: while the DP2X developed by Sulzer is made of robust aluminum, it is at least 35% lighter than comparable existing dispensers.

Size: 400ml

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